YTF builds human capacity through strategic investments in technology-related education and training. YTF partners with communities in developing countries to equip youth with information and communication technology (ICT), entrepreneurship and life skills training to transition into sustainable livelihoods.

Creating more job opportunities for youth is critical to the transformative growth of Africa. The digital economy holds significant potential for creating formal jobs that are accessible to marginalized youth. Impact sourcing is one way to identify those who are capable of performing ICT-related jobs and help overcome the barriers they face in accessing employment opportunities.


Just as personal computers and the Internet empowered individuals and organizations to create new types of information technology-driven jobs, 3D fabrication technologies can change the way African youth develop and market their skills online. In addition to providing software development and mobile application training, 3D Africa teaches unemployed youth engineers to use 3D modeling software and hardware tools and at the same time provides them with entrepreneurial skills to competitively monetize their talent in the global marketplace.
3D Africa curriculum includes:
• Software Development
• Mobile Application Software Development
• 3D CAD Software Tools
• 3D Printing Technology




YTF knows that when young people are given the right tools, they can become job creators who spur growth and progress in their communities. 21st century 3D printing technologies will leapfrog related challenges with manufacturing and export opportunities in Africa.

3D Africa utilizes a hybrid of local classroom interaction and online training.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are used to expose students to the best of both learning environments; access to standardized curriculum available on platforms like Cousera, Lynda.com and EdX and supported by teaching assistants.

In addition to facilitating employment opportunities within corporations and small and medium businesses for these now technically equipped young engineering graduates, YTF will teach them how to make the best use of their newly acquired talent through digital product and skills sales.

Join Us. Model Africa.

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