Across Africa, A New Generation of Female Entrepreneurs Are Taking Control of Their Lives

Thousands of women entrepreneurs, like Ms. Afoma, benefit from YTF’s programs.

In May 2016, in partnership with and support from MasterCard, YTF told the story of Ms. Afoma at the World Economic Forum in Kigali. She owns Hair Wizard and only 12 years ago she said had “zero money in her pocket.” Today, she is a vibrant entrepreneur having employed over 30 people in her salon.

Ms. Afoma participated in YTF’s Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs Mobile Value Added Services (NWEMVAS). Since the program’s beginning in 2012, YTF has implemented over 1,200 business skills and financial capabilities workshops to 10,823 women entrepreneurs who created approximately 1,050 jobs, began 180 new businesses within the first six months after participation, expanded 450 businesses within the first six months, and generated $6.2 million in new revenue.

YTF trained an additional 1,600 women entrepreneurs in 2016 and is on schedule to train 350 women entrepreneurs and 150 of their female employees in 2017. YTF has added training for female employees of women entrepreneurs since their education levels and employability skills are extremely low. With training, women entrepreneurs are able to guide them in their educational and employability skill attainment. 

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