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Digital Jobs for Youth

YTF knows that creating opportunities for young people to earn a livelihood and develop skills in the digital economy presents an exciting opportunity to address the unemployment crisis caused by the youth bulge in Africa.


Digital jobs, created through the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs), have a unique capacity to provide employment to individuals who face barriers to employment like low educational attainment, poverty, gender, inexperience, or shortage of employment options in a community.

YTF’s Agric-P.O.W.E.R, Women Entrepreneurs and Mobile Value Added Services and Rlabs Nigeria programs, employ youth as information workers, equipping them with a conveyor belt of skills and providing employment for youth who face education, family and income poverty, gender, and lack of employment barriers. These youth are building transferable skills that will make them resilient in the economy by strengthening future employment opportunities either as employees or entrepreneurs themselves.


These youth information workers, as we call them at YTF, use appropriate technology like the Internet, open source data tools and mobile phones to deliver services.

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