Frances Cash-Ugwuegbu Memorial Fund for Women Entrepreneurs


Huffington Post. July 17, 2015:  As Mother Lives On Through Our Mission

The Madame Frances P. Cash-Ugwuegbu Memorial Fund for Women Entrepreneurs is dedicated to helping women take control of their own lives, overcome obstacles to success, and lift themselves and noitheir families out of poverty. The fund seeks to help low-income women entrepreneurs grow their businesses, create jobs, transform their financial future, develop healthy families, sustainable communities, and improved lives.

“The woman is the core of the family. The society is made up of families, so improving the quality of life of women is no more than improving the quality of life of members of society themselves, given the multiplier effect of a woman’s actions on society.”

The fund will provide seed empowerment grants to women entrepreneurs in the social services or hospitality industry in Nigeria who are part of the “missing middle”—women who have enterprises not large enough yet to qualify for commercial loans or yet for micro-loans. Target beneficiaries will have less than 10 employees, have been in existence for 5 years or less, have a minimum of secondary education, and have previous experience in a public or private sector enterprise.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in one of YTF’s entrepreneurship and technology programs for women entrepreneurs, have registered businesses and operate from legitimate business premises. The call for applications will open on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016.

Recipients will be selected based on merit and ability to meet criteria in the 3C’s: Capability, Confidence, and Capital.

Capability: women who have improved their marketing skills, financial acumen, product knowledge, client and customer management, created additional businesses, added employees, or increased customers and suppliers.

Confidence: women entrepreneurs who have presented their business on a public platform, are a mentee/mentor, who use technology (the Internet and mobile devices)  to increase their business.

Capital: women entrepreneurs who are able to access loans, keep excellent records of their average monthly/annual earnings, have demonstrated increases in their average transaction size, number of weekly transactions and number of jobs created through employment.  

Please email to support this fund or to apply (Applications will open on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016).  

This fund is in loving memory of Madame Frances Pearl Cash-Ugwuegbu who went to be with the Lord on June 16, 2015. A global educator, entrepreneur and culinary arts specialist, Madame opened and owned Nigeria’s first French outdoor restaurant, La Pâtisserie. She was also the founder of Happy Day Enterprises and Ministries through which she carried out her e-votional, transportation, hospitality, and prison ministries. Madame had a considerable share of esteemed credentials including earning her Masters and Doctorate Degrees at the University of Ibadan and at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.  She valued most her family and her over ten decades of walking with the Lord.

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Founded in 2000, YTF is an international nonprofit who partners with youth and women in developing nations. YTF builds human capital through the development of innovative entrepreneurship and technology programs as a medium to educate, fight poverty, solve critical problems, stimulate entrepreneurship, and create a generation of change leaders.



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