How to Apply

YTF invites you to submit your assessment of an ongoing environmental issue in your community and their idea of how education and entrepreneurship can solve the problem.


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  • From the online application submissions, YTF will select the top 100 submissions that demonstrate passion for and innovation in the entrepreneurial idea.  These youth will receive entrepreneurship training via YTF Academy over the course of 6 months.  Training will take a variety of formats including classroom and online training.
  • Through case analysis, students will learn to apply core business principles of finance, marketing, economics, operations, accounting, and more to the provision of environmental goods and services.  Training topics will include business plan development, creating and financing startups, diversification and expansion, mobile technology for business, human resources and marketing/sales. 
  • Simultaneously, participants will receive daily text (SMS) and video (MMS) messages with entrepreneurial tips that relate to life as a (social) entrepreneur, monetizing value and creating bankable businesses.  Youth participants in Project 3E will have access to an online platform designed to encourage collaborative learning among the participants and to provide access to e-mentors and relevant academic and entrepreneurial resources.
  • Finally, students will hear from environmental entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives and nonprofit leaders. They will develop a business plan for an environmental endeavor.


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