Special Thanks


We’re beyond thrilled to have the generous in-kind and financial support from a range of partners across the private, public and philanthropic sector. Thank you for your trust in us.


Spotlight: The YTF Board of Trustees

We are so grateful to our board members who have worked alongside with our team and loyal network of donors and partners to unleash the full potential of our clients; underserved youth and women in the developing world.

  • Dr. Irving Lee Rother, Ph.D., McGill University
  • Ms. Silvia Lovato, PhD. Candidate, Northwestern University
  • Ms. Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Chief Advertising Officer, Lastminute.com
  • Mr. Telema Harry, Chief Technology Officer, YTF
  • Ms. Katherine Maher, COO, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mr. Don Okonny, CEO, Sagamy
  • Mr. Leo Osahor, CEO, FlightSpeak
  • Mr. Bambo Sofola, Director, Microsoft
  • Mr. Alex Yancher, CEO Pantry
  • Mrs. Njideka Harry, President and CEO, YTF