Ivonne Mora

Ivonne_Mora2Ivonne graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. While at Hanover, she was Editor-in- Chief of the Triangle Newspaper and President of the Diversity Club. As Storytelling Officer for YTF, Ivonne works to share YTF’s work with our digital audience. She is very passionate about helping people understand the power and influence of words and stories. Ivonne was drawn to YTF’s work because of her passion to empower people, help them find their true potential, start wherever they are and build it all from ground up. An idealist who seeks community but loves her freedom, Ivonne recently rediscovered her Peruvian culture and keeps the desire to never stop learning about it, especially the food. Ivonne loves reading, writing, and yoga, all of which help connect her to the world.

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