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Minimum Computer Donation Requirements

**All hardware to be donated must be in working condition.

Please see information below on donations of personal computers (PC), Macintosh computers and monitors.


PC Donations

PC’s to be donated should meet the following minimum requirements:
1. Minimum of 64 – 128 Megabyte RAM
2. Minimum of 2 Gigabyte Hard Drive
3. Minimum of 266 MHz Processor Power

To get information on your PC specifications, the following steps should be followed.

1). To find out the amount of hard drive space on your PC, right click on the Start button and select Explore. When you are in the Explore window, right click on the C drive and select Properties. This should bring you to a popup screen (in which the General Tab is displayed). You can find your PC hard drive capacity here.

2). To find details about your PC (applications, memory, speed), select Start, click on Settings and Control Panel. Select Performance and Maintenance and select System from the list of options.


Macintosh Donations

We will accept only Apple Brand Macintosh Hardware.

Macintosh donations should meet the following minimum requirements:
1. Minimum of G3 Processor or 200Mhz Processor
2. Minimum of 64 Megabytes of RAM
3. Minimum of a 2 Gigabyte Hard Drive

Power Macintosh G4

Any G4 Hardware Macintosh Server G3 

Macintosh Server G4

Any G4 Server Hardware Macintosh Powerbook G3

Any Powerbook G3 Macintosh Powerbook G4

Any Powerbook G4 Imac

Any Imac Ibook



Working monitors 17″ and above only.

Thank you for your generosity!

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