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YTF Partners with communities to design sustainable pro-poor programs that address real needs of the people and working together, we implement the vision that they have articulated.

As we work with communities to help them identify problems, we found that at the core of most issues are problems with Agriculture, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Health. The curriculum of our flagship academies, as well as the programs we undertake with partner organizations are built around developing the knowledge and skills of our beneficiaries in these areas.

pillars_agricultureImprovement in agricultural performance has the potential to increase rural incomes and purchasing power for large numbers of people in the developing world. Agriculture, providing 60 percent of all employment, constitutes the backbone of most African economies; in most countries, it is still the largest contributor to GDP and the biggest source of foreign exchange. Thus, more than any other sector, agriculture can uplift people on a mass scale. In a recent report, “Africa can feed Africa”, it is noted that Africa’s farmers have the potential through regional trade to satisfy much of the rising demand and to substitute for more expensive imports from the global market. But this potential is not being exploited because farmers in Africa face more barriers in accessing the inputs they need and in getting their food to consumers.

pillars_educationThe emergence of new technologies is changing society, the way we live, the way we communicate and do business—and the way we learn. Even in developing countries, where technology is still not considered a core part of the curriculum, educators are finding it necessary to give young people a foundation to compete with their global peers in the 21st century. There is pressure to change in order to adequately prepare students to live, learn, and work in a global, digital age. As a result of this pressure, technology and computers are being introduced to enhance teaching and learning and prepare students for the new world in which they live.

pillars_entrepreneurshipUnemployment rates in the countries where we work can reach as high as 42%. When jobs just aren’t available, we inspire youth to create their own jobs through entrepreneurship. Participants are immersed in various educational and entrepreneurial activities including organized tours to educational institutions and successful businesses. Classroom training is a combination of didactic and experiential workshops, seminars, case studies and guest speakers.

pillars_healthIn developing world communities, basic sanitation needs remain unmet for many: Only 58% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to safe water supplies and of the 20 countries with the highest mortality ratios, 19 are in Africa. YTF partners with beneficiaries, giving them the tools to research, document and disseminate information about a concrete health reality. Through this process, our beneficiaries often develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related fields.

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