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A vision is a progression. It is not a statement.

There is a line which divides our modern world. This line is invisible to the eye, especially for those of us living in developed countries, but it’s all too real for the 86% of our planet’s youth who live in developing countries where access to education and technology is not easily accessible. We call this the Digital Divide.

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At YTF, we believe in the extraordinary potential of people who live, work and go to school in disadvantaged communities to conquer this Digital Divide. We envision a world in which they are adequately equipped with tools and resources that prepare them to confidently compete for 21st century opportunities. We envision a society in which young people are equitably empowered to use their technology, education and entrepreneurship acumen to live economically and socially viable lives. YTF operates on the principle that technology alone won’t solve the problems of these communities, but that it is a tool that can be used to help bridge social and economic obstacles.

Youth for Technology Foundation is the pioneer of the Digital Village Movement, an initiative to establish Community Technology and Learning Centers (CTLCs) in developing countries, with a special focus on Africa.

An embodiment of YTF’s vision is West Africa’s first CTLC, the Owerri Digital Village (ODV), an extended learning model for community technology centers that bridges the technological, educational, cultural and community divides. Through innovative after-school programs in the Digital Village, YTF opens a new world of opportunities to rural youth, helping them realize their greatest potential.

Then, get involved by investing in YTF, donating time and talent, donating
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