Alice Lindemuth

alice-lindemuthAlice Lindemuth is a former school principal, school district administrator,
Reading Specialist, State Department of Education Federal and State Programs
Director, and teacher who has designed and implemented instructional
programs and strategies that have resulted in significant, sustained
improvements in student achievement in high-risk, complex needs schools. In
close collaboration with community, nonprofit, business, and local
government, she has designed and implemented many successful educational,
social, health, and community outreach programs for thousands of low-income,
underserved, diverse, and at-risk children, youth, adults, and families.

Alice brings effective community collaboration and capacity-building
experience that result in stronger programs and aligned resources to better
serve students and families of any community. She is especially effective in
partnering with parents and families, and at increasing parent participation
and family engagement in their child’s learning.

Alice has her Administrative and Principal Credentials from the University
of Puget Sound, Masters of Education in Reading from Seattle Pacific
University, and Bachelors in Elementary Education from Anderson College. She
has presented at many local, state, regional, and national conferences and
is a member of several professional associations. She is an extensive
traveler having been to Kenya, Tanzania, Sweden, France, Belgium, the
Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy,
Switzerland, Monaco, Micronesia, Canada, Mexico, and all U.S. states.

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