Mujeres Empresarias y Servicios Móviles de Valor Agregado

Mujeres Empresarias y Servicios Móviles de Valor Agregado

Empowering women in Africa with mobile technology

Starting and growing a business takes more than money and an idea. The Women Entrepreneurs and Mobile Value Added Services program provides women access to business and technology training that results in business expansion, diversification, and additional revenue. Participants reduce barriers to financial inclusion (e.g., loans, business capital, and bank accounts) and grow their business. Women entrepreneurs learn to mentor their employees. YTF also provides training for female employees.

Why we’re stepping up to help women entrepreneurs

The MasterCard Index for Women Entrepreneurs released in April 2017, noted that Uganda has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world with 34.8 percent of businesses owned by women.

Female entrepreneurs in developing countries are driven by resilience, determination and the desire to provide for their families. They are the backbone of economic growth and powerful engines of development and financial inclusion, especially in Africa.

What the program does

To support women in sustaining and growing their businesses despite the challenges, YTF offers in-person and online classroom training that gives women a holistic set of tools and skills they can use together to grow their businesses, mentor their female employees, and better their lives. Participants are supported by mobile technology during and after training.

The curriculum

  • Aula y Formación en línea: A combination of experiential workshops, case studies, and guest speakers.
  • Industry Tours: These build competence among women entrepreneurs through contact with successful women entrepreneurs. For example, women involved in the garment industry visit small-scale manufacturers and learn about market trends, diseño, gestión de la cadena de suministro, la fijación de precios, labeling and more in an effort to facilitate the sharing of opportunities and challenges.
  • Horas de energía: Designed to be a series of sessions focused on transferring knowledge and skills, facilitar la creación de redes y la promoción del intercambio de experiencias entre las mujeres.
  • SMS Business Strategies: Mobile business strategies texted during and after participation to maintain and increase business skills.
  • Female Employee Training: Specialized training for female employees of women entrepreneurs in digital literacy, Habilidades en negocios, financial capabilities, online business strategies, and online marketplaces.

Success stories

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