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Many NGOs don’t start with concrete projects that address real needs. They don’t listen, they just impose. There is no such thing as drive-by development. YTF is grassroots focused, YTF listens, then finds ways to help solve some of the developing world’s most pressing issues.

The only way to holistically build up information and communication in rural communities is to empower those communities to plan, drive and sustain their own social and economic development.
YTF’s strategic approach is defined by:
Strengthening Communities: YTF recognizes that the participation and involvement of the community is central to success, and thus communities are involved from the earliest stages of the project. The focus and content of our programs are kept local and relevant to the community. YTF is fully committed to transforming the countries we work in, one person at a time, to ‘information affluent’ societies in which the next generation possesses dramatically increased knowledge and skills.

Focusing on Education: Improving the quality of general education, and specifically science education in developing countries, is essential for building the capacity to solve problems using science and technology. YTF works with local civil service organizations, youth networks and community schools to develop programs that facilitate technological leadership and awareness in education – from the primary through tertiary levels.

Empowering Rural Women and the Girl-Child: Girls and women are particularly underrepresented in, or excluded from, science and related areas of study and employment. The importance of science and technology is such that tapping the entire human resources potential of the developing world is imperative for meaningful economic and social development.

Building Human and Social Capacity: YTF aids the creation of local content as an effective development tool. Every country offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities; every region has its strengths and weaknesses and every community has its own needs. At our centers, we recruit and train local teams and volunteers to implement our programs. Our teams understand the needs of each country and each community. They speak the language, form a part of the culture and ensure the highest quality of programs while delivering relevant information and appropriate communication technology solutions.

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