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The TechEnhancements program is designed for individuals who are currently in the workforce but need to develop or enhance their skills. Public institutions are vital in developing countries’ quest to achieve goals of growth, poverty reduction, and provision of better services for their citizens. The TechEnhancements program is designed for civil servants.

Civil servants today face major challenges, including an increasingly demanding citizenry and rapid developments in the use of technology in day-to-day activities and in promoting e-Government. To overcome the possible negative impacts of these and other such challenges, we need thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented training activities and programmes. YTF introduces a needs assessment to establish what knowledge gaps exist in the civil service and to evaluate the degree of digital divide in and between offices, ministries, and agencies. Emphasizing skill development for immediate on-the-job application, YTF provides training services in specialized technical areas as well as management, organizational development, communication, and institutional strengthening to civil servants from the ministries of health, education, youth and development, sports, women’s affairs, and industry.

The TechEnhancements program impacts students by:

  • Training and empowering employed people with skills that will enable them to create work opportunities for themselves or continue more effectively by adding value to their job performance.
  • Equipping participants with transferable skills that can be applied across geographic and occupational lines.
  • Demonstrating to state and local governments the benefits of increasing the level of investment in education and training for civil servants.

Independent research shows the impact of the TechEnhancements program:

  • 90% improvement on pre-post computer literacy
  • the average monthly salary of graduates that were employed after graduation was up three times the monthly minimum wage
  • 40% were promoted with 3-6 months of graduating and have positive performance appraisals
  • 100% increase in the use of technology in the workplace
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