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“It is amazing the number of young children who want to participate in the TechKids Program. The potential we have to change the lives of young people, who have the longest productivity horizon, is myriad.”

~Program Manager -YTF

The TechKids program is offered to children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and creates awareness in young children about the benefits and endless possibilities of technology applications in everyday life. TechKids participants are curious about the natural world. YTF nourishes that curiosity by demonstrating how real science works. Participants explore their own ideas, develop skills and build confidence using technology. The program duration is 3 months.

The TechKids program impacts students by:

  • Helping them generate an interest in technology at a young age through projects based on children’s own interests.
  • Introducing them to simple technology and basic computer applications.
  • Honing and deepening student’s interest in and use of technology.
  • Encouraging students to expand their learning outside of schools as learning is inherently a social activity.

Technology has the potential to engage learners in challenging, open-ended activities in which they have control over the pace and direction of their learning. The curriculum for TechKids is different for each grade level and includes modules in which our students learn robotics, learn how to use digital cameras to tell their story, and learn how to digitalize their art.

In the TechKids program, students learn team building, communication, goal setting, teamwork, self-confidence, information synthesis, and problem-solving skills.

Independent research shows the impact of the TechKids program:

  • 40% increase in school academic performance
  • 99% average daily attendance in school
  • 98% of boys and 90% of girls make the transition to secondary school
  • 100% of teachers trained at YTF Academy promote technology as a communication and educational tool
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