She Will Connect

When girls and women are connected to the world through technology, they are connected to a world of opportunity. All around the world, the Internet is helping people to imagine new possibilities, but girls and women are being left behind.

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25% fewer women than men are online in developing countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the size of the gap is 43%, the largest of all regions in the world.


Key barriers to access include: affordability, lack of awareness of the benefits of getting connected, lack of familiarity and comfort with technology, cultural norms and gender-based barriers.

Program Goals

YTF is an Intel implementing partner for She Will Connect in Nigeria. The program goal is to reduce the Internet gender gap through an innovative combination of digital literacy training, an online peer network and gender-relevant content. Outcome Young women will have the opportunity to acquire or improve their digital literacy skills and expand their understanding and use of technology so that they can connect to health, government and educational information, economic opportunities and gender-specific resources.

YTF works in partnership with its network of training hubs across Nigeria, Secondary Schools, Universities, Teacher Training Institutes and Polytechnics to implement She Will Connect.


The training is a 10-hour facilitated course covering an introduction to key technology areas.

  • Introduction to Computers (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (1 hour)
  • Word Processing (2 hours)
  • Spreadsheets (2 hours)
  • Multimedia (2 hours)
  • Introduction to the Internet and Email (2 hours)
  • Supplemented by take home activities (Self-Instruction)

Within each technology area:

  • Sessions begin with a technology intro and hands on “exploration”.
  • Participants engage in a guided practice using the technology.
  • Participants complete at least one relevant activity (resume, flyer, budget, etc.)
  • Participants share their work and discuss how the technology can be used in other ways.
  • Participants conclude by answering a skills set checklist.


Success Stories from Our Girls 

Chinwendu(farLeft)Chinwendu (far left), 18, said the She Will Connect program has changed her life. “Before enrolling in the program, I didn’t know much about the Internet. Now I confidently use the Internet to research about my dream career [as a medical scientist] and write emails to keep in touch with my relatives living overseas.”

Chinonso(farleft)Chinonso (left), 19, studies nursing at the School of Nursing in Mbano, Imo State. She said the She Will Connect program taught her how to use technology to help further her education. “The Internet is amazing! I now use the computer for all my school assignments and also to research about my career options.”  

Blessing(right)Blessing (right), 18, recently learned that she scored very high on her Nigerian college entrance exam, the JAMB UTME. She attributes her success to the digital literacy training she got through the She Will Connect program. “Becoming digitally literate has given me the confidence that I need to excel in school, and life!”


Hear from Our Students

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