Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP)

“WEEP has taught us that training is not only for the men, but ladies can also benefit and that they will take the training along with them and will make impact in their new family.”

~ Esther

WEEP provides entrepreneurship, health and local governance training to women who are small business owners in Akwa Ibom, Delta and Rivers State.  WEEP is designed to teach rural women about health issues, conflict management, communication, governance and how to start a small business.


  • To expand business relationship with women owned enterprises.
  • Improve access of women to information for economic decision making through increased use of ICT facilities and training.
  • Improve the technical skills of women by providing them with access to “life skills” training in a computer book format.

WEEP provides a strong social and economic value to the community.  The social value brings rural women together in a group setting to work together, share best practices and integrate ideas for running a successful business.  The economic value provides comprehensive training on the basic technology skills needed to market their businesses on a wider scale giving them better control of their supply, demand and access to capital.

Watch training for WEEP in action (note: recorded in the English/Ibibio, the local language)

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