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Young Girls Science and Health Tele-Academy

I used to think that pursuing engineering as a career is only for boys.  Thanks to the Young Girls Science and Health Tele-Academy, I have developed a deep interest in the sciences.  When I grow up, I want to be an engineer.



Girls enrolled in the program at the Owerri Digital Village in Nigeria during an e-Mentoring session over Skype Video with a leading African female oncologist based in the U.S.

Educating girls is crucial to building a foundation for democracy, and is prerequisite for health, free and prosperous societies. Knowledge of information and communication technology and interest in pursuing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for girls growing up in developing countries is minimal.  Most girls do not realize their potential in this area due to lack of proper guidance, counseling and exposure are these fields are considered more masculine. Culturally and in developing countries, girls tend to take up non-science related courses.

The Young Girls Science and Health Tele-Academy uses a blended-learning methodology that incorporates online training with onsite education.  Using appropriate information and communication technologies including open and distance learning (ODL), collaboration software, digital cameras, laptops, smart phones, radio and the Internet, “the Academy” empowers youth to collaborate with their digital peers, leading educators and health professionals to research, document and disseminate information on a concrete health reality they themselves or their community members are faced with .


  • Strengthen the foundation in science, technology, engineering and math for girls
  • Steer clear of obvious or subtle stereotypes about girls’ and women’s abilities in science related subject
  • Encourage girls to ask questions about the world, to problem solve and to use natural creativity through play and experimentation
  • Foster confidence, self-esteem and work ethic
  • Connect girls with e-Mentors, leading women who have led successful STEM careers
  • Demonstrate to girls that what they want out of their career can be achieved through STEM
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and exploration of new ideas
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