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YTF’s 3D Printing Academy for Girls, sister program to 3D Africa, launched in the U.S. (April 2016)

These Women are Stepping It Up. To Achieve Gender Equality, We Should Too (March 2016)

In Practice: #GirlsinICT Day as a Year-Round Operation (April 2015) 

YTF on International Women’s Day: Our Beginnings, Our Lessons and Our Recipe for Success (March 2015)



The Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) blog aims to carry on the core mission of YTF with transformative information. YTF, and this blog by reflection, is at the forefront of using technology to make meaningful change — and we’re here to tell you about it!

Through our writing, we hope to develop new insights and bring sustainable changes in behavior and better outcomes. Stay tuned to see updates from a trusted source that moves and inspires readers with innovative ideas.

We promise to:

  • Write about issues you (and we!) care about — youth, women, entrepreneurs, education, technology, marginalized communities, etc.
  • Shed light on issues that sparked our programs and still spark our interest.
  • Tie our work to current trends.
  • Show how we’re using technology to solve problems facing various populations and regions.

We’ll get deep into problems that keep you up at night and dig into exciting solutions that help wake you up.

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