What YTF Students Have in Common, and How We Help Them Achieve Greatness

We operate education and entrepreneurship training with a core concept: technology is inspiration. When we ask YTF students to tell us about their experience, they speak about how they discovered YTF, the concrete skills they acquired, and reflections on technology in their world.

Also tucked in their reflections is a consistent and powerful aspiration – they all want to change the world for the better. In big and small ways, the thousands of people streaming through YTF programs are gathering technology knowledge to plug it back into their communities and jump-start their dreams.

We are delighted to share what some YTF students had to say about their experience:

My name is Sylvia. Currently I am in my final year at university studying mechanical engineering. My dream in life is that through the trainings and skills acquired from my studies in school that I will be influential to affect lives positively, be a solution to a problem in the society, and also give back to the society.

When I was introduced to 3D Africa, I was intrigued and captivated because opportunities like that are very rare to come by in this part of the world, and it was really a first time for me to hear of 3D printing so it was a “WOW” moment for me. The deciding factor to try out 3D Africa was the fact that through the power of technology, lives are made simpler, and the modern technology skills offered in 3D Africa was irresistible for someone like me who has a burning desire to solve a problem in the society and change lives, it was an opportunity and a great privilege I couldn’t afford to miss.

Daniel at YTF's programsMy name is Daniel. My dream has always been to be medical doctor since my childhood. Seeing doctors in the hospital inspires me a lot, the way they care for patients, their dressing, the high respect they have in society, it inspires me. I always want to help in any area I can, so seeing people suffering makes me want to help them,

I joined YTF’s ‘Techteens’ programme in 2013, then came back for a professional programme which I was given different options. After considering these options, I decided to enroll in the Web Development/ Web Design programming which I found very interesting.  I learnt coding very well and have started designing responsive websites for people.

My name is Johnson. I’m a 500L student of mechanical engineering in university. I have always dreamed to be a pace setter in proffering solutions to societal degrades and challenges in all my field works, Engineering has been one of the platforms I believe will help me achieve this goal.  

When I analysed YTF curriculum and then got to know more about 3D Africa, I was impressed by the numerous CAD-driven courses undertaken at YTF, and the number of programming languages they speak. [YTF] offered me much more skills than I expected, it was indeed a great, memorable and inspiring experience.

Elisha at YTF programsMy name is Elisha. My dream has always been to become a man of integrity, and a person who impacts positively in people and every sphere of life in my little way. What has motivated me so far is a sentence that says “Any prize you will ever pay in life, someone has done it five times and over.”

YTF is a digital family itself that creates rooms for young scholars to achieve dreams, goals, and make them uniquely extra-ordinary “anything is possible to achieve, provided you’re ready to pay its prize.”

My name is Chizaram. My dream is to become the best medical doctor I can be in order to influence and save life. And am really motivated when I read books about people who had the aim of been the best in whatever they do and were able to achieve their aim.

The learning environment, facilities and well to do teachers really made me decide to try out Youth for Technology Foundation. YTF was able to meet my expectations; I learnt a lot here and met friends who really influenced my life positively.

Dominica at YTF programsMy name is Dominica. My dream is to be a great lawyer, and further progress to become the Chief Justice of the country some day.

At YTF, 3D Africa enlightens me to know more about some creative things I can do for myself, and for the society. YTF exceeded my expectations, they impacted more knowledge in me, based on technology aspect, far more I imagined.

In this modern world, you can’t do without a computer. So for you to be well-trained and know more about computer skills, you have to embark in a computer training school, like, YTF, were you can get to learn and do more creative things you can ever imagine, making impact to my immediate society.

My name is Favour. I have always craved for doing things unimagined, like helping people, inventing new technology, and improving Nigeria from my own little corner. My motivation has always been those who made things work, who has done the unimagined, like [YTF staffers] Sir Felix and Sir Uche.

Blossom at YTF's programsMy name is Blossom. My dream is to become the best medical doctor I can be in order to influence and save lives. I am really motivated when I read books about people who had the aim of being the best in whatever they do and were able to achieve their aim. I am expecting to get the best computer education and training at YTF.


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