Mobile Financial Services for Women (MFSW)

Mobile Financial Services for Women (MFSW)

Mobile Financial Services for Women

YTF Commitment: financial inclusion, business capabilities, entrepreneurship, integration of technology, and use of new mobile business strategies that lead to increased income, new sources of revenue, and long-lasting benefits to entire families.

Impact:  “The people who come to register on the platform end up becoming not only my banking clients but also customers of my current clients. The possibilities to increase my income are endless.” (Fatima, existing confectionary business owner and new mobile banking agent)

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MFSW Impact

“The agent banking business is increasing my customer base and my overall sales. People are coming from everywhere to bank with me.”

– Rachel, mobile banking agent

In many African countries, such as Nigeria, physical proximity to a bank branch or financial institution is the most important barrier to financial inclusion and main reason for residents to remain unbanked. Access to financial services—whether in the form of savings, payments, credit, or insurance—is a fundamental tool for managing a family’s well-being and productive capacity.

The Mobile Financial Services for Women (MFSW) program trains existing women entrepreneurs in rural and remote locations to become branchless mobile banking agents and mobile financial service providers in their community. This empowers them, and many other women in their community, to gain access to basic financial services such as savings, bank accounts, and credit. This reduces income inequality, turns women into agents of economic development, and gives rural communities the chance to participate in larger economies.

Research shows that if you empower a woman, you empower a family, a community, and a nation. This is because women invest 90 percent of what they earn back into their families’ health and education, making a lasting difference.

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