Our mission

Our Mission
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Our mission is to create enriched communities in which the appropriate use of technology affords opportunities for marginalized youth and women.

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Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) is an international non-profit organization. For the past 16 years, we’ve devoted our time and resources to empowering youth and women with education and technology.

YTF is about

  • Partnering with people at the very bottom of the economic pyramid
  • Helping at-risk and disadvantaged women and youth achieve phenomenal goals
  • Unlocking talent with technology and education
  • Helping others realize their potential

Our Areas of Focus

The youth bulge is a stage of development where a country achieves success in reducing infant mortality rates, but where fertility rates are still high. The result is that a large share of the population is comprised of children and young adults who need to be schooled and employed as tomorrow’s young adults. YTF’s primary market is the 1.7 billion youth between the ages of 10 to 24, of whom 86 percent live in developing countries. In Nigeria, where YTF first pioneered the digital village model, these youth contribute as much as 80 percent to GDP. YTF Academy prepares young people to be enthusiastic employees or entrepreneurs by increasing their skills to enhance their productivity in the labor market.

YTF is an advocate for reverse migration. We believe that young people should stay in their rural communities to develop them as opposed to moving to the urban areas in search of employment, where they may end up contributing to the population, crime and unemployment crisis in the urban areas. To ensure that staying in rural communities is sustainable, YTF beneficiaries are encouraged to seek opportunities to improve their communities through entrepreneurship.
At YTF, we believe that women are the ‘glue’ in our communities and that investing in women is the smart thing to do. Women in rural communities allocate a greater share of their individual incomes to food purchases than do the men whose poverty they share. Women’s incomes are significantly and directly associated with children’s nutritional status. Amazing things happen when women become agents of their own economic power and communities do better.

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Technology for Progress

YTF continues to grow and serve new communities and regions in the countries we operate in. Our work is built on the use of technology at the intersection of:

Education Entrepreneurship
The curriculum at YTF Academy, as well as the programs we undertake with partner organizations are built around developing the knowledge and skills of our beneficiaries in these areas.


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Transforming the lives of youth and women living in low-income and marginalized communities doesn’t happen by chance. It requires thoughtful investment in a holistic program of support. Join us in this work to change communities for good.

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