PeaceOpoly is a demand-driven accountability initiative designed to improve governance and transparency by empowering youth and women to play a role in their nation’s democracy.

PeaceOpoly is comprised of the following activities

  1. Creating awareness for the PeaceOpoly platform leading to at least 250,000 youth and women registering on the platform.
  2. Providing civic engagement training to 5,000 in school and out of school youth, ages 15 – 24 years.   
  1.  Training youth peer-educators for civic engagement activities and crowdsourcing software development training.

Beneficiaries of PeaceOpoly are youth, ages 15-24.  To reach these youth, YTF has created a network of local youth based organizations in civic engagement; and  is also  partnering with local schools to train educators and community leaders.  We are developing appropriate Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials and establishing mechanisms that build family-school-community partnerships.

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