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“Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere.”

~Bill Clinton, Former U.S. President

YTF continues to grow and serve new communities and regions in the five countries in which we operate. Recognizing the need for our work exists in many other countries across the developing world, we are firmly committed to strategically increasing our international footprint. YTF Partners with communities to design sustainable pro-poor programs that address real needs of the people. Our research proves that at the core of most issues are four common problems; agriculture, education, entrepreneurship and health. The curriculum at YTF Academy, as well as the programs we undertake with partner organizations are built around developing the knowledge and skills of our beneficiaries in these areas. Joining YTF as a Social Franchise gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and youth across the world using a proven program model.

YTF Social Franchises are stand-alone Community Technology and Learning Centers (CTLC’s) in peri-urban or rural communities. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the CTLC’s, YTF seeks community co-investment from the onset. The community seeks members to serve as volunteers in the center. Also, the local government may contribute to the physical location or renovate an existing building. Each CTLC is named using the respective community location to raise awareness for the community. For example, the Social Franchise located in Owerri, Nigeria is called the Owerri Digital Village and in Soacha, Colombia the Soacha Digital Village.

Click here to read/listen to testimonies from a few YTF franchisee partners.

The following are the steps to become a YTF social franchise: 


Social Franchisees must provide reasonable, but significant, contributions to the project. We engage and train communities in the project and build the skills that they will need to maintain the new infrastructure. Community participation (engaging municipalities, community groups, education providers), contribution and maintenance are a part of this co-investment.

Social Franchisees form Local Management Committee’s (LMC). The LMC brings together various stakeholders such as school administrators, teachers, community members and parents, and traditional rulers, opinion leaders to work with each other and with YTF to monitor program quality, progress and impact.

YTF further involves families and communities in the CTLC’s in the following ways:

  • Involving community members in social franchise training/onboarding.
  • Encouraging community members to utilize the space.
  • Sharing information about the importance of how technology can be used in education, agriculture, health and entrepreneurship with other stakeholders.
  • Participating in CTLC “open house”, where parents and community members visit the CTLC to see demonstrations and a display of students’ work.
  • Organizing meetings with parents, village headmen, and chiefs from surrounding villages in program introduction meetings.

As our expansion model is led by the communities we serve, once we receive an inquiry to replicate our work in a particular country, we conduct research to determine if this is the best fit given our programmatic variables and our ability to operate effectively, sustain program activities and build strong partnerships.

To become a Social Franchise and create a CTLC in your community, please click here to complete the application form. 

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