Empowering youth to make change

PeaceOpoly has a simple goal: teaching at-risk youth in volatile political climates that they can have a positive impact on their community. Started in Kenya, this civic education and peace-building program now teaches youth in Nigeria conflict management strategies and how to use technology for social accountability, evaluate government performance with data, and communicate the impact of democracy on quality of life. Participants train local students using peace-building curriculum.

The importance of peace

When a country is in chaos, its youth lose opportunities. They’re left to feel helpless and hopeless, their confidence eroded. They are at risk for becoming involved in political violence and corruption at the expense of their education and future.

  • Armed youth in oil-producing states are in militia groups involved in high-profile kidnappings, intimidation, violence, and political rigging.
  • Nigeria has the 8th highest number of displaced persons in the world due to conflict and violence.

How PeaceOpoly helps

By focusing on peace, YTF helps youth understand their civic role, rights, and responsibility. This understanding allows them to peaceably participate in political action, lead for social justice, advocate for responsible government, and realize their full potential.


Learn, Debate, Engage.

  • Youth learn about their civic role and rights
  • Research issues, government agencies, and political topics
  • Implement monitoring and awareness-raising projects, events, and social media campaigns
  • Debate issues and advocate for peaceable change
  • Teach other youth, schools, and communities to use peace-building strategies to problem-solve local issues


  • 1: Increased awareness of civil rights and responsibilities
  • 2: Empowered participation in public policy
  • 3: Increased involvement in planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of public services in the community
  • 4: Influence decisions of policy-makers
  • 5: Use of custom Citizen Forum platform to mobilize resources, gather information, and create a community of problem-solvers

What fuels PeaceOpoly?
Four theories drive us to continue working to make change. They are:

1. If leaders know they are being “watched” and citizens expect transparency in public
service delivery, they are more likely to lead more responsibly.

2. If youth have the life skills (teamwork, communication, leadership, problem-solving)
and the appropriate forum to discuss issues, they are less likely to use violence to
solve problems.

3. If youth are socially integrated, they are less susceptible to manipulation by political
elites and violent groups.

4. Social accountability mechanisms contribute to improved governance and better service delivery.

The Citizen Forum

The Citizen Forum is a safe place for peaceable dialogue that program participants can use to share ideas, plan projects, and work to resolve conflict.

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