Code Clubs

Code Clubs

Economic reports are forecasting that Kenya is poised to be among the fastest-growing economies in the East Africa region, and has significant jobs available for the near and long-term future in its Kenya Vision 2030—most of which are dependent on engineering and innovation skills. Girls with these skills will be able to access sustainable, in-country jobs. However, while 77.5% of Kenyan women are in the labor force, only 6% of engineers in Kenya are women.

Three main challenges remain: Firstly, Kenyan schools currently do not incorporate career interests and vocational skill development. Secondly, schools do not encourage girls in STEM education, and thirdly gender stereotyping in engineering education and workplace continue to discourage girls from studying or entering engineering fields.

Our Model

In 2018, YTF in partnership with Theirworld, launched an innovative, low-cost model of sustainable and scalable Code Clubs where girls learn to code, foster creative thinking and increase important knowledge and skills for the future. The courses run in six month cycles and each club supports cohorts of 20 girls across three different age groups; 6-10, 11-14 and 15-25 years.

Building on Key Skills

All girls learn how to build a computer, make games and artworks; and express themselves with code. The older girls also learn how to create their own websites using HTML, CSS and Java as well as gain skills for future employment and business. The training builds key skills to support real job prospects within an expanding tech sector, promoting self-reliance and employability.

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