Creating sustainable livelihoods through agriculture

Agric-P.O.W.E.R. provides rural female farmers with technology skills relevant to their work and practical agricultural information, including market prices. This program empowers women with the skills they need to advance or create an agri-business and even creates jobs. This generates additional income and, in turn, keeps their children in school.

Technology and education support women in agriculture

Agricultural info worker with mobile device…

Connects with woman farmer…

Woman farmer grows more crops, makes more money…

Is able to hire additional people, and use her income to educate her children
Education is provided to female farmers through the Agric-P.O.W.E.R. program via trusted channels – relying on both other women in the farming community and agricultural information workers to reach these rural female farmers. These representatives use technology such as mobile phones along with face-to-face interaction to educate farmers on how to adopt high yield and insect resistant crops.

A fortunate byproduct of this approach is that it creates jobs for youth in the community who are hired as intermediaries brokering and delivering information using technology.

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