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At YTF, our mission is to create enriched communities in which the appropriate use of technology affords opportunities for marginalized youth and women.

Developing youth’s ability to identify problems and apply appropriate tools at the grassroots level is essential to overcoming the developing world’s social and demographic challenges. YTF specifically works to integrate technology in a way that brings out the positive potential of the youth bulge and encourages reverse migration – bringing stability, sustainability and meaningful life experiences to communities.

“You never know what potential is in their mind and in their heart; what imagination they have; what they have already thought of and dreamed of that may be locked in. All because they have no means to bring it out.”

~Program Manager, YTF Academy


The youth bulge is a stage of development where a country achieves success in reducing infant mortality rates, but where fertility rates are still high. The result is that a large share of the population is comprised of children and young adults who need to be schooled and employed as tomorrow’s young adults.

YTF’s primary market is the 1.7 billion youth between the ages of 10 to 24, of whom 86 percent live in developing countries. In Nigeria, where YTF first pioneered the digital village model, these youth contribute as much as 80% to GDP. YTF Academy prepares young people to be enthusiastic employees or entrepreneurs. By increasing their skills to enhance their productivity in the labor market.

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YTF is an advocate for reverse migration. We believe that young people should stay in their rural communities to develop them as opposed to moving to the urban areas in search of employment, where they may end up contributing to the population, crime and unemployment crisis in the urban areas. To ensure that staying in rural communities is sustainable, YTF beneficiaries are encouraged to seek opportunities to improve their communities through entrepreneurship.


At YTF, we believe women are the ‘glue’ in our communities and investing in women is the smart thing to do. Here’s our story….  

youth and women march

Now that you know what YTF is about, read more about our specific goals and find out how you can join in our efforts!

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