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I want our children to be able to grow up with the power of being able to answer their own questions

~Njideka Harry, YTF Founder

The emergence of new technologies is changing society, the way we live, the way we communicate and do business—and the way we learn. Even in developing countries, where technology is still not considered a core part of the curriculum, educators are finding it necessary that they give young people the foundation necessary to compete with their global peers in the 21st century, there is pressure to change in order to adequately prepare students to live, learn, and work in a global, digital age. As a result of this pressure, technology and computers are being introduced to enhance teaching and learning and prepare students for the new world in which they live.

At YTF, we help students improve academically through programs that directly relate what they learn in school to real-world experiences.

YTF’s core programs are offered through YTF Academy, are after-school and are co-developed with the local communities we work in. In partnership with schools, community based organizations, women led organizations, grassroots non-profits, small businesses and faith-based organizations, YTF provides young people with the skills to lead in their communities.

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