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YTF Academy

YTF’s flagship curriculum comprises five programs designed to help people dream, to help them develop a “can do” attitude, and to help them succeed. YTF Academy includes a curriculum that is tailored to rural life, encourages a participatory approach, promotes creativity, and emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving.

 YTF Academy changes lives every day to realize the potential each participant was born with: youth return to or stay in school, make successful primary-secondary-university-employment or entrepreneurship transitions, gain control over their futures and income, and eliminate a life lived in poverty. YTF provides inclusive opportunities for school and university teachers to gain new pedagogical and digital literacy skills that improve the educational experience of their students. Independent research findings include:

  • 99% average daily attendance in school
  • 98% of boys and 90% of girls make the transition to secondary school
  • 40% increase in school academic performance
  • 100% of teachers trained at YTF Academy promote technology as a communication and educational tool
  • 96% of program graduates go on to higher education within 2 years
  • 55% of all participants (and 55% of girls) choose Information and Communication Technology (ICT) fields
  • participation in STEM careers increased by 75%
  • 90% were engaged in entrepreneurship upon graduation
  • high job placement rate with employment paying, on average, three times more in salaries
  • employers say YTF graduates perform better than non-YTF employees
  • 40% of current employees are promoted within 3-6 months of graduation

Click here for the YTF Academy blog.

See the YTF Academy Impact Wheel here.






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