Q&A: 60 seconds with Njideka Harry


Njideka Harry, the President and Chief Executive Officer at the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), was interviewed about the upcoming World Economic Forum on Africa, which took place in Cape Town on 4th and 5th June.  Here’s a peek:

What’s your solution for solving Africa’s skills crisis?

The educational system in Africa is not broken, it’s obsolete.  The success of the African continent in the 21st century – its wealth and welfare – will depend on the ideas and the skills of its population.  As the world becomes increasingly technological, the value of these assets will be determined by the effectiveness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.  STEM education will help produce the flexible workforce needed to compete in a global marketplace while ensuring that our society continues to make fundamental discoveries.  Technology is omnipresent in today’s society; over 95 percent of jobs have a digital component.  If young people, in particular, are not adequately trained, they will have reduced access to employment which could have further ramifications for their social, economic and political inclusion.

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