A Ticket Out of the Slums: Nuria’s Story

At 16 years old, Nuria reacts to the world around her with childlike, candid emotions, but has an adult’s wise perspective to understand that education can change a community with poor resources. She joined YTF in December of 2015 at her home in Nairobi, Kenya, where she is originally from one of the slums of Mukuru kwa Njenge.

Nuria_2With the optimism that comes with the possibilities of technology, Nuria hopes that a computer science degree will help her to give back to her community. Before entering her current courses in form two (8th grade equivalent), she spent a year after primary school fearing that her family wouldn’t be able to afford for her to continue school. Education is a gateway to success, and for Nuria, a way out of poverty. Without the opportunity to continue her education, the future doesn’t hold many alternatives to making a livelihood. Nuria explains, “high school was once [only] a dream, but eventually the door opened… My mother got some funds and now here I am!”

Nuria_3Before participating in YTF, she was stuck on the idea that technology and computers were meant exclusively for men. Thankfully, Nuria now understands that gender should not stand in the way of her passions.

donateNuria has vowed that when she grows up she will move her family from the slums and never fall back to poverty.

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