Ladies Are as Great as Gentlemen: Anjali’s Story


Anjali, 10, would like to be a pilot to inspire the conviction that ladies are as great as gentlemen. She would also like to come up with educational cartoons for children. Her aspirations are inspired by her appreciation for her Scratch coding class in YTF Academy. “It has been fun and easy – now that I spend some time on the computer at home,” she says.

The first thing she does when she gets home is finish her homework, then help with the chores and help baby-sit her nine-month-old sister.

How does she use the 30 minutes her mother allows her on the computer? “I like researching,” she says. “I check out all questions I have on social studies, history, and geography – like how the earth was formed. I also like to play games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends.”

donateAnjali is looking forward to code educational cartoons for children. “I would like to show them how not to use drugs and alcohol, how not to run away from school, or focus on girls not getting into trouble with boys,” she said.

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