Making Dreams (and Drones) a Reality: Emmanuel’s Story


Emmanuel is enrolled in YTF’s 3D Africa program. He is in a university and is studying mechanical engineering. He has a passion for using engineering and technology to meet the needs of people in his community.

Emmanuel first learned about YTF through a workshop held on campus. He was fascinated to learn of YTF’s work with 3D printing in Nigeria, in particular how YTF helps use 3D printing to design marketable engineering products.

Using AutoCAD software, Emmanuel is able to model many different objects and then print them out using a MakerBot 2 replicator at one of YTF’s engineering and prototype hubs.

Emmanuel’s greatest accomplishment is the drone he has designed at YTF to be used for surveillance, videography and crop monitoring. He printed the drone’s case using 3D printing. “YTF has helped me achieve some of my greatest dreams making them a reality,” he said.

donateWatch Emmanuel share the process of building and 3D printing his drone, which he has named Iroh.

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