Working for Herself, Reaching the World: Maureen’s Story

MaureenMaureen owns Afrocentric Afrique, a boutique established eight years ago in Nigeria. She first participated in YTF’s Women Entrepreneurs and Mobile Value Added Services program, which is designed to provide women entrepreneurs with the tools to sustain and expand their businesses. YTF trains women entrepreneurs, like Maureen, in financial skills, business capabilities and business strategies, and provides mentoring and networking opportunities.

Maureen left a secure and stable job to start this business because she wanted to do what she loved – art. She also knew that entrepreneurship offered a lot more opportunities for women like herself.

Since participating in YTF’s program, Maureen has the knowledge and tools that she needs to market her products on global marketplaces. YTF has even paired her with someone to mentor, a young technical apprentice named Chiamaka. Chiamaka uses 3D printing software to design and model products that Maureen wants to sell to her customers. These items are 3D printed, allowing for customization and timely product fulfillment.
Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Nigeria 2014

Entrepreneurs like Maureen know that online marketplaces will revolutionize their businesses, operations, product development, and have the potential to spark exponential growth leading to job creation.

No longer must women leave home and go to brick-and-mortar shops to conduct business. No longer are Maureen’s customers just in her village—the world is now her customer base.

donateYou can hear more about Maureen’s business and how she is leverages the possibilities that 3D printing and online marketplaces afford here.

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