YTF Stands with Kenya

On January 15th, 2019 a horrible terrorist attack shook Kenya’s technology and business community on Riverside Drive.

We stand with our staff, their communities, and partners in the face of this violence and offer prayers for healing.  While none of our staff members were directly affected, several of them had colleagues and friends who were.  We know that this act does not reflect Kenya’s message of peace, and that as a country, Kenya will only counter the attempts of the terrorists by continuing to unite to speak against hate.

With the revelation of how youthful the attackers were, we know it is even more important than ever for us to spread a message of hope and resilience during the hours that we spend in the classroom with our students, challenging the narrative of these radicalized groups who tailor their messages to appeal to the youth.

We will continue to believe in Kenya, its youth, and its future.  We know that by not letting this type of terror besiege us, we will continue to inspire a community of change-makers in Kenya.

On behalf of YTF, we express sincere sympathy to our partners who lost loved ones, family members, and colleagues.  As a community of staff, students, alumni, and partners-  we will all create a better tomorrow, a better future for all.

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