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Nuestro fundador seleccionado para unirse al panel de jueces inaugural del Premio Elevate,en
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My Life, My Message – Black Lives Matter
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3D Africa at NUESA National Conference
El programa 3D África de Youth for Technology Foundation organizó una exposición práctica de tecnología de impresión 3D durante las universidades nigerianas de,en
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Our programs

Our programs prepare youth and women
to enter a workforce that will be more global,
more digital and entrepreneurially focused.

Technology is at the heart
of all YTF programs.

Our story

For nearly two decades,
YTF has devoted itself
to empowering youth
and women through


Find out how you can help by volunteering
your time and talent, becoming a partner,
or investing in YTF.

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Who we serve: Youth in rural areas.

What we do: Develop basic digital literacy training that address
factors contributing to unemployment and poverty in the region.

Where: Colombia

Why: Of Colombia’s 13 million young people, 4.5 million are idle;
neither enrolled in school nor employed. Youth represent more
than half of the registered unemployed, and most young people
that work do so in precarious jobs. The lack of employment, educación,
and entrepreneurship opportunities for Colombian youth is closely tied
to the conflict in poor, rural areas.

South America

Dónde trabajamos

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Who we serve: Underserved, economically disadvantaged
individuals and communities in the U.S., particularly middle school age girls.

What we do: Develop programs that provide technology training
and inspire STEM careers and education.

Where: USA

Why: Adolescent years are the most precarious for girls living in the U.S.
Many of them do not sustain their interest in STEM topics during their
middle school years. Providing STEM- and technology-infused academic
enrichment programs increases their interest and helps connect girls
with sustainable career choices.

North America

Dónde trabajamos

Learn more about our work in Louisville

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Who we serve: Youth and women in rural and urban areas.

What we do: Develop programs that empower youth
y mujeres, giving them technology tools to succeed
in education or as entrepreneurs.

Where: Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda

Why: There have been transformative developments
in Africa’s information communications technology (TIC)
sector en la última década, presenting viable opportunities
to equip and empower the continents’s fast-growing
unemployed youth population and women with
appropriate technology.


Dónde trabajamos

Learn more about our work in Uganda

Learn more about our work in Nigeria

Learn more about our work in Kenya

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