Launching a Life Vision With Family Support and Tech Training

Emmanuel (left) with his father and younger sister.
Emmanuel (left) with his father and younger sister.

A supportive family often provides love and encouragement to help youth reach their dreams, but at some point a child must stand on their own. Many of our students at YTF are at this crossroads, wanting to step out and learn skills to help build their life.

Emmanuel (22) from Imo State, Nigeria, is one of those students. He is grateful for the encouragement to further his education, supported by his father, a technician, and his mother, a nurse, and his younger sister.  

The First Steps: Technology Training with YTF

In 2014, Emmanuel enrolled in YTF’s Digital Literacy and Project 3E Training (Education, Entrepreneurship, and Environment). He was a technology novice and his teachers noticed a need to develop an independent mindset.

YTF’s digital literacy training helps students like Emmanuel develop proficiency in Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Corel draw, page-maker, internet access, and more. Emmanuel’s second program, Project 3E, trains youth using education and entrepreneurship skills to solve environmental problems.



As he dug into YTF’s training, Emmanuel learned to appreciate technology from teachers like IFeoma (pictured above).  

Emmanuel now believes that, with technology, things are being done faster and easier to achieve a better results.

“YTF has really brought joy to my life both academically and morally,” said Emmanuel. “After my enrollment in YTF, I became conversant with anything that has to do with ICT.”

YTF ultimately provided him with skills that have helped guide his steps and launch his life vision.

Launching a Vision: How YTF Inspires and Equips Future Leaders

Emmanuel was able to secure a job using the independent search skills he learned with YTF. He is currently working as a computer instructor in Learners’ Nursery and Primary School in New Owerri and in the media department of his church. In addition, during his term examinations, Emmanuel goes to the schools in his neighborhood, collects exam papers, and helps type and print them out.

Recently, Emmanuel received admission to study Education Economics at Alvan Ikoku College of Education.

This is all part of Emmanuel’s life vision, inspired by YTF’s Project 3E program. He hopes to become one of the best economists in Nigeria and Africa at large. YTF’s training has not only helped him set a ambitious vision, but also create a path to achieve it. After learning the benefits of being self-employed, he hopes to start his own business as soon as he graduates from university — a business funded by his current job.


Emmanuel is no longer looking to his parents for any financial assistance. He is independent; providing for his needs in school on his own and even helping out his family. His parents are proud of his work and his potential.

This International Day of Families, we recognize the importance of family support. We know our role in providing education to develop sustainable lifestyles is only possible within a greater ecosystem, and students are often emboldened and successful when they have a supportive family. 

Want to help more people like Emmanuel surround themselves in a support system of technology training and business skills? Find opportunities with YTF.

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